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Jimbu Thakali

Jimbu Thakali is a traditional Thakali Restaurant named after Himalayan herb called jimbu. Thakali Khana Set (meal) is widely celebrated in Nepal because of it’s irresistible taste and variety of portions offered as a meal. Owner Vivek Sherchan’s family whose origin is Thak-Khola Village of Mustang District had an urge to introduce Thakali Khana to Nepalese and Tourist ever since he started working in hospitality.

Jimbu Thakali was born when owner decided to leave his lucrative career in hospitality in USA and decided to run family run Thakali Restaurant & American Diner to attract local & foreigners. Prabha Sherchan, Mother of the owner pays close attention to every detail served in a plate & ingredient used in preparing Thakali set at Jimbu.

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